A downloadable demo for Windows and macOS

Five hundred years in the future, the Earth has stopped spinning. The oceans have migrated to the poles. A day is a year: 6 months of baking sun, and 6 months of freezing cold.

Journey with a young junker and her trusty mule deep into the desert, in this demo-length 2.5D platformer from TEAM SOLUS at the Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture, Design & Conservation.


Art Director: Niek Meffert
Producer & 3D Artist: Anastasia Jacobsen
Concept Artist & Character Design: Ida Llja
Environmental 3D Artist: Rosa Friholm
Texture Artist: Lucia Mauri
Lighting & Tech Artist: Matt Rasmussen


Solus - Mac Intel.app.zip 170 MB
Solus - Mac AppleSi.app.zip 169 MB
Solus - Windows.zip 488 MB

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